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7. Feb. ROPE's DAY Certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001

Naroc works to connect safety.
We started manufacturing hemp rope in 1935.
We have since grown into a general rope
manufacturer and general manufacturer of
hoisting accessories, engaging in activities
ranging from the manufacture to the sale
of synthetic rope, wire rope, slings, hoists,
and load binders which are used in a wide
range of fields including marine vessels,
transportation, leisure and construction.
We now established ourselves in a
position in which we have a top-class
share in the industry. Customer feedback
has become the source of our success and
we tackle our work from
our customer’s perspective, never turning
our backs on customer requests.
We constantly work to develop new
technology and strive to produce genuine
products which take the environment, safety
and peace of mind into consideration.

It is this approach and enthusiasm that enables us to produce dependable ropes.

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